Welcome to Paillant

Fall in love and enjoy the natural beauty of Paillant.

Paillant (Creole: Payan) is a municipality in the Miragoane Arrondissement, in the Nippes Department of Haiti. It has 19,300 inhabitants.

Come back to nature and experience it as it should be experienced

Step into Paillant and discover beauty extends far beyond our extraordinary natural wonders. The unique sounds of our rich culture and the warm hospitality of our heritage.

Paillant remains an unspoiled & undiscovered gem, allowing you to experience nature at its best, it’s no wonder Paillant can take your breath away at every turn.

Experience breathtaking mountain views - Drift into a night of enchantment - Enjoy dinner under the stars... With every precious experience, your Paillant vacation will be one to remember.

Escape Reality

Nature's Untouched Beauty

A nature lover's dream

There’s plenty to discover and explore in Paillant, from magnificent rivers to lush mountains, and scenic views.

The unbeaten paths

Our small villages are anything but small in adventure. The Creole culture can be enjoyed through tasty local flavors and friendly faces.


A vacation full of unwaveringly sunny skies, warm temperatures, and cooling breezes.

Perfect Gateway

The warm and welcoming locals makes this haven the perfect getaway destination.


Paillant is warm and friendly and distinctively charming.