About Paillant

Paillant is located 130 km southwest of Port-au-Prince, in the eastern part of the Department of Nippes, on the eastern flank of the Massif de la Hotte, between 18.2 degree and 18.3 degree north latitude of and between 73 degree and 73.2 degree West longitude on the other.

It is bounded on the north by the town of Petite Riviere de Nippes, south by the town of Fond des Negres (Section Pemerle) to the east by the first section of Chalon and the west by the town of Anse A Veau.

Formerly a district of Miragoane in the department of Grand'Anse, Paillant is elevated to a municipality under the law of October 30, 2003 in a newly created Department of Nippes. It covers an area of 73.4 km 2 with a perimeter of 55.5 km.

Nippes is the newest department of Haiti, having been split from Grand'Anse Department in 2003. The capital of the department is Miragoâne. The department is divided into three arrondissements: Miragoâne Arrondissement Anse-à-Veau Arrondissement

Come Relax in Paillant

Come Relax in Paillant

Towns of Paillant

Towns North of Paillant, Haiti:
    * Corail
    * Diaca
    * Desbaleines Sud
    * Trou Marassa

Towns South of Paillant, Haiti:
    * Obeissant
    * Jaco
    * Cadiac
    * Dambreville
    * Bel-Air

Towns East of Paillant, Haiti:
    * Virant
    * Musotte
    * Veillard
    * Salor
    * La Girau

Towns West of Paillant, Haiti:
    * Calon
    * Dargousse
    * Chalon
    * Potier
    * carrefour Marose

Towns North-East of Paillant, Haiti:
    * Bois Neuf
    * Telhor
    * Caducou
    * Libo

Towns North-West of Paillant, Haiti:
    * Charlemagne
    * Mare Minerve
    * Vialet
    * Abraham
    * Beau Sejour

Towns south-East of Paillant, Haiti:
    * Martin
    * Caloban
    * Chiedent
    * Nan Garde
    * Jabouin

Towns south-West of Paillant, Haiti:
    * Anse Pitres
    * Barbe Pangnol
    * La Begue
     * Cassourd
    * Croix Malouque